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Comical feed is dedicated to all those who always want to be updated with comic News, world Trending News, Upcoming Film, Festival, Tour and Travel, History and Cultures and many more.

My main motive behind starting comicalfeed is to provide the information to the people who always want to update with Sort Biography, Digital knowledge, Trending News, Upcoming Bollywood, Hollywood film and many more.

It is also for general information purposes only, In this website I regularly use to write new Post on all those topics  and i always want to keep the information up to date and correct if in any casse my information is wrong than please write an e-mail to comicalfeed@gmail.com and also contact on https://www.facebook.com/comicalfeed/, We will remove and correct the information from our website.

About Author:

Hello! I am Amit Mishra, A freelance Web & Graphic Designer and web developer based in Ranchi. I am a person who has high passion in technology, art and illustration. One of my dreams is to master in all the technology and become one of the top Technologyst, and now i am working towards it.

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Whatsapp On :+918292698441
Email : amitmishra8252@gmail.com
Website : www.comicalfeed.com

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