Biography of Vanessa Marano

Vanessa Marano biography

Vanessa Nicole Marano was born on October 31, 1992 in Los Angeles California and is the elder sister of Laura Marano. She is an American actress.
Vanessa began acting professionally when she was two years old. Since then, she worked for productions at the Stage Door Theater.
Vanessa Marano started acting in the theatre when she was seven years old, performing in numerous plays at A.C.T. in Agoura Hills, California. She began her professional career with several national commercials.
Her biggest roles on television have been as Jack Malone's elder daughter in Without a Trace, Valerie's stepdaughter in The Comeback and as April Nardini in Gilmore Girls. She also played Layne Abeley in The Cliquebased on the books by Lisi Harrison and Samantha Combs in Dear Lemon Lima.
Vanessa played 'Eden' on The Young and the Restless and 'Hope' on Scoundrels. She now stars as 'Bay Kennish' on the ABC Family show Switched at Birth.
“When you are performing in theater, you feel so connected to your audience. Its exhilarating.”Quote by Vanessa Marano

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Vanessa has starred in films like Easy (2003), Dear Lemon Lima (2009) and The Secret Lives of Dorks (2011). Vanessa has also starred in various other TV shows like Grounded For Life, Six Feet Under, Malcolm in the Middle, The Closer, Dexter, Past Life, Private Practice, etc.
She starred as a young girl who becomes a quadriplegic in the critically acclaimed television movie, The Brooke Ellison Story directed by Christopher Reeve. Marano's first film was the animated hit, Finding Nemo.
Vanessa speaks Italian and is enrolled in her sophomore year in college.
She is also one of the youngest members of the prestigious Academy of Television Arts and Sciences.

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