Biography of Russy Simmons

Russy Simmons Biography

Russy Simmons was born on August 30, 1997 in New Jersey, USA. He is an American Actor, Rapper and Songwritter, and His full name is Russell Russy Simmons, his father, Joseph Simmons, is a famous rapper, musician and songwritter. His mother name is Justine Simmons, is a housewife. He is popular due to her father Joseph Simmons and also famous for appearing himself in the American reality television series Run’s House, When he appeared in series, he was just only eleven years old and he was the youngest cast of the show.
As far as his family background is concerned, Russy has three siblings, two brothers Daniel Simmons, Josh Simmons Jr, and one sister, Victoria Anne Simmons, his sister, Victoria Anne Simmons died due to an omphalocele.
As far as his education qualification is concerned then, Jenna attended New Jersey High School for Intermediate.

Russy Simmons is popular due to her father Joseph Simmons.”Quote by: Russy Simmons
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Personal Life of Russy Simmons

Russy Simmons is not dating anyone. He spends his leisure time with his parents and siblings, he is single and all focusing on her future.

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Russy Simmons Career

She started her acting career at the age of 11 from 2009 with American reality television series 'Run’s House'. But by the age 8, she started giving auditions for different role and he appeared as a host in the TV series Rev Runs Around the World. Russy Simmons is one of the rising stars in the Hollywood Industry.

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